BITS Pilani - About The Campaign


To encourage opportunities for philanthropy while also staying connected to your roots, BITS Pilani's new initiative now allows alumni to leave a legacy behind by getting their names on Bhawan room doors.
It’s time to Revisit. Relive. Reunite.

BITS Pilani - About The Campaign
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  • Have a plaque with your name, room numbers, batch, and a QR code fixed on the room for 20 years

  • You may name a room in honor of another alumnus

  • Get discovered by new BITSIANs & build your connects

  • Enjoy applicable tax benefits in Canada. US and in India for your philanthropy


Room / Facility Donation Amount in ₹ Donation Amount in US $ Donation Amount in CAN $
Single Occupancy 4,00,000 5400 6700
Double Occupancy 6,00,000 8100 10000
Wing 10,00,000 13500 16700
Common Room 20,00,000 27000 33400


Our campus in Pilani has nearly 51 hostels from which you can choose your favourite dorm room to put your name on.

If you are a U.S. resident, you can donate through " BITSAA International" a Tax-exempt public charity source under the IRS Section 501(C)(3) o. For Canada, you can donate directly to "BITS Pilani". All donations are tax-deductible under Canadian Revenue Authority (CRA). Kindly note that donations from other countries would not be eligible for tax exemptions.

All funds contributed to this campaign shall be used for institutional development purposes only. Examples of such purposes include but not limited to merit-cum-need scholarships, research equipment, research grants etc.

Through this program, you will be able to block the hostel room in your name with a one-time contribution of Rs 4 Lacs per Single occupancy room, 6 Lacs per Double occupancy room, 20 Lacs for Common Room,10 Lacs for wing

Rooms may be named for the BITSians and their immediate family members.

Yes, Any Donation to BITS Pilani from India, USA (Through BITSAA) and Canada is tax deductible. Donations from other countries in respective currencies are most welcome, however, they shall not be eligible for tax deduction.

All naming rights shall be given for a period of 20 years.

The naming rights for the facilities mentioned in this campaign will be on a first come first serve basis.

Collaboration is only allowed for the double occupancy room (Maximum 2), Wigs (Max 4), and Common Room (Max 4).

After your donation kindly allow us up to 10 business days to issue a tax deduction certificate.

The plaque shall be affixed to your chosen room/facilities within 30-45 days of the receipt of your donation.